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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

You Don't Need To Purchase This Gift

     Today, just 2 days before the busiest shopping day of the year,  I want to give you a gentle reminder that children do not need things, but they do need us.  They need us to spend quality time with them on a daily basis.  Many times we think we need to spend money to make our kids happy, but really all they really want and need is us. 

     This Christmas, instead of spending too much money on presents, spend time with your family. Go on family outings and rejoice together as you celebrate the birth of a very special baby. Turn your focus to Him and off of things this world provides. This world only offers temporary happiness but our Lord and Savior Jesus offers us eternal joy.  We want to be sure our children understand this. We don't want to them to get so wrapped up in the gifts that they forget about the Greatest Gift of All and that is our salvation that was made possible through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love the song "It's About the Cross" by Go Fish. It reminds us of the reason Christ came to us. It helps us to remember the real meaning of Christmas. 

     I believe that giving of our time during this season is a great way to share Christ's love.  Jesus was giving and loving and we need to exhibit those qualities. We need to remember that our presence in someone's life can mean more to them than any "gift" we can give them.  Giving of our time is more precious than any amount of money we could spend or give to someone.  Our children need to see us giving of ourselves; sharing our lives with those in need of love.   A gentle hug, or an encouraging word can be a life changing experience for those who are hurting or feeling alone.  Are you willing to give your most precious gift?

     Please don't get me wrong, I love buying presents for those I love, but we just have to keep it all in perspective.  We must realize that our presence will be remembered forever, but a present will eventually fade away.  The memories we make with our loved ones will be with us for a lifetime. The special feeling you give to that man sitting alone at a restaurant  by saying Merry Christmas to him and buying his meal, could leave an impact that is eternal.

     So before you go crazy buying things on Friday, sit down and really pray about what would be the best gifts for those you love and those you may come in contact with this season. Your love, kindness, and time are the best the gifts you could ever give away. They bring joy that won't soon be forgotten.  

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