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Monday, November 21, 2016

TOS Review: WannaBe - When I Grow Up I Want to be a Video Game Designer

     This week we had the opportunity to do a review for The Schoolhouse Review Crew. Our review is of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's e-book titled WannaBe-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Video Game Designer.  As you can see Joshua, our 11 year old, was impressed. 

   He has been wanting to learn more about becoming a video game designer and this e-book was the perfect way to incorporate learning about them into our school day. Not only did it have some great information written by four real web designers, it has pages that included Bible verses, language arts, handwriting, math, and puzzles.  The writing prompts were my favorite, but he loved the crossword puzzle and word search.  The copywork helped us memorize some great verses on integrity, adversity, and pursuing what God has for us. The quiz reminded him of all the great information from the reading pages, and the math pages displayed some of the skills needed as a web designer.    

    When our children are interested in a certain course of life, it is our job as parents to give them the tools they need to make a decision. They need to comprehend what kind of investment will be imperative to becoming what they want to be.  Along with prayer, research is a good means of choosing what will be best for us.  I think this book is a device that Josh will use in deciding if this is a road he wants to travel on.  


    I love the fact that Josh got to meet four web designers as he read through what they do on a typical day.  It gave him a look into what life will be like if he does choose to pursue this as a career.

    As he was reading he found many useful tidbits of information such as:
  • What is required of a video web designer
  • What type of education is helpful 
  • How much money a typical video web designer makes
  • How to develop software
  • Some great history about computers and video games

     I would highly recommend the Wanna Be series from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Store.  If your child is interested in a certain occupation that they have in this series, it would be an asset to get the e-book and let your child learn about the life of the people in these careers.

     Some great other occupations in the WannaBe series is:

  • Artist
  • Chef
  • Doctor
  • Farmer
  • Firefighter
  • Police Officer
  • Military
  • Missionary
  • Pilot
  • Veterinarian
     I am actually going to purchase the one on Veterinarians next week for our daughter Hope.  She loves animals and has expressed her interest in learning how to care for them. 

     If you are worried about printing the entire e-book,  I will let you know that we did  not have to print out every page.  To save a few pieces of paper and ink, we chose to read the informational pages through our computer/e-book reader, then we printed out the pages that required hand written answers like the crossword puzzle and word search.

     I hope you have enjoyed reading about this incredible tool for learning and will go and check out the series for yourself.  


  1. This looks like an amazing series!!

  2. My favorite part is when you said as parents it is our job to give them the tools to make a decision. That is so true! Found you on the homeschool nook!