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Monday, November 7, 2016

Let's Get Real About Homeschooling: Will She Ever Read?

     I remember wondering if my little girl would ever learn to read.  My heart ached for her.  She wanted to learn, but it just wasn't clicking.  We tried several reading programs.  Some helped, but others just frustrated her more.  She would cry because her older brother  started reading when he was just three years old.  She didn't understand why this was so difficult for her. Her math skills were off the charts, so this wasn't easy to understand.  Why could she do something like math so well, but couldn't grasp the concept of reading?  

     We kept telling her it would be okay.  She would be able to read just like her older siblings when she was ready, and guess what.... we were right.  We just had to wait for her to be ready and once she was...... THERE IS NO STOPPING HER!  She goes to the library and gets out about 20 books a week.  She has them all read within just a few days and is begging for more.

    It was a huge relief once she took off with her reading.  We knew she would be happier now.  She was no longer struggling to achieve something she wanted so much.  When people see her reading a book, they have no idea the hardships she went through to make this possible.  It took hours, days, weeks, months, years, for her to master this skill.   Somethings we take for granted, some struggle for years to understand.   

      We never really see what others have been through to get to where they are do we?   We just assume.  We don't take the time to learn their stories.  Everyone has a different story to tell.  Are we willing to listen and take into account what they have been through? 

        As a homeschooling mom, I use to worry that I would not be enough for my children.  I would stay up nights fretting over the little things.  It would cause me to be defensive when people would ask questions about my kiddos.  It took years before I was comfortable in my own shoes.  I stopped comparing my children to other peoples.  They were where God wanted them to be.  I was a good teacher, because I had their best interest at heart.  It wasn't just about the academics.  It was about teaching them character, godly wisdom, and the Word of God.  

     I have had many ask me how I am so relaxed now..... well it's because I know that all my worrying and fretting never changed a thing!  It just made for a mom who was so worn out she wasn't giving her children the best of her.  They were getting my leftovers. While I was spending all my energy being nervous about what they couldn't do, I was missing out on all the joys. They were excelling in certain subjects, but instead of rejoicing with them, I was only concerned with the subjects they were having issues with.  When I stopped focusing on the negative and started to see the positive, our homeschool life changed.  We were happy again.  No more anxious thoughts.  The atmosphere of our home was so peaceful now.  They were now able to focus on their strengths while working on their weak areas.  NO FRETTING!!!!  NO WORRIES!!!!  Just a calm place to be who God created them to be.  

     I wanted to tell you that it's okay! Your child will get it! Don't allow the little things to steal your joy of being with your children.  Allow them grow at their own pace.  Don't push them so hard. Try not to fret if they aren't getting things in the time frame that others think is right.  I know it's easier said than done, but honestly worrying over things doesn't help.  Sit with your child.  Pray with them when they are struggling.  Listen to them. Help as much as you can, but don't worry.  They will understand it all in time. 

     When I am tempted to worry, I read this verse over and over:
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. ~ Romans 12:12


A look into the life of our homeschooling family:

Here are Josh and Hope excited to receive 
their reading club awards and the free books they earned

This is Hope at the library.  She could spend
hours sitting here and reading.

Our kitten even loves to get in on the learning.

Working on our notebooks together

Reading on the slide in the backyard.

Reading Time 

Fun with Math Manipulatives

Art class

Reading for fun :)

Writing our Bible verses


Meeting some farm animals

She made this barn for her toy horses!

Our Butterfly experiment

Daddy teaching Josh how to solder.

and last but not least our very shy teenager.......

Ryan's first day of 10th Grade... where did the time go?

Trying to get some work done.....

Ryan loves this cat.... but don't let him know I told you that 


  1. I think learning to read is one of the hardest things to not stress over and just trust that it will happen. I have several friends who have been so anxious about it and don't believe me when I say their kids will get it...and they always do! Have a great week (I love that barn your daughter made!)

    1. Thank you for taking time to read our post. I agree with you :) Thanks for the sweet words about our daughters barn.... funny what you can do with a cardboard box and duct tape ;)

  2. It can be so hard not to fret but I have to admit that you are right. All my fretting does is stress me out, make me on edge, and often pile on work in an effort to "catch- up".... which never works. I am trying to make a more concerted effort to give up the worries and fears and focus on what is working but it's hard.

    1. I will be praying as you continue to work on not fretting. I know it is still a challenge for me.