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Just Being Us
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

10 Items Our Homeschool Can't Do Without

     We have 10 things that we simply can not do without each day that we homeschool.  I am sure everyone has a certain list of items that are a must have.  

  First on our list is our Bibles.

Each morning, we have our Bible class.  Here we discuss what God would have us do that day and we talk about a character trait that we want to work on for the day.  We also end our day with family devotions where we read a few verses and one story from our devotional.  We then talk about prayer requests that God has laid on our hearts, and pray as a family. 

Our second item is our kitchen table.

We have a lot of good times around this table.  We not only do our seat work here, we also play games, eat good food, and have many family discussions. 

Third on our list is our essential oil diffuser.

We love our oils.  They help keep us focused and give us energy to complete all our tasks for the day.

Our fourth item is our bookcase.

Okay so we have more than one bookcase. Four to be exact.
 We love to read.  

That brings us to our fifth item on our list. 
Our reading chair.

When we want some quiet time to ourselves to read, 
we head to the reading chair. 

Sixth on our list helps us take adventures, solve mysteries, brings us laughter, and it is FREE.  Can you guess what it is?

Yep it's our library card!

Our seventh item is our laptop computer.

We use this on daily basis for online classes and research.
Mama also uses it for her blog :)

Eighth on our list is our timer.

This handy dandy timer keeps our kiddos on task.  We set it for 30 minute increments so we can manage our time more efficiently.

The ninth item is our homeschooling planning book.

I have to have keep records of our assignments 
and our agenda for the day.

And last but not least. Our crock pot!!!! 
I can't imagine life in the kitchen without it.

We would never have enough time to cook everyday without this wonderful kitchen tool.

What are things you can not do without in your homeschools?

Do you a have list similar to ours?

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  1. Yes, to all of these!! Don't know what I would do without my library card!!