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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of Home School in the Woods

     Our youngest daughter loves to learn with hands-on activities.  That is why we love Home School in the Woods and were so excited to be able to review one of their Hands-on History Activity-Paks.  We got to review The New Testament activity-pak and love it!  

     Home School in the Woods is a hands-on history company that brings history to life for students.  Their activities reinforce what is being taught.  Our daughter has never been excited to learn about history until we found these amazing products.  Now, it is a breeze getting her to sit down and do her history lesson.  

     In this particular activity-pak, we were able to sit down and discuss Biblical history.  From the birth of Jesus to the journeys that Paul took during his life, this resource is filled with knowledge and wisdom of the New Testament scriptures.  

     As we sat down to begin this pak, we saw right away that it included making a lap book (which Hope has always loved making) an armor of God activity, postcards from Paul, and New Testament News activities.  She couldn't wait to get started. Recently she has shown more interest in learning more about the Bible and all that it has to teach her in her own personal study time, so this was great timing!  

     Before we did anything, we built our lap book.  This is where we will be including our projects that we work on weekly.  

     When we received this wonderful resource, we were technically on Summer break, but we were happy to work on this.  These projects are not like normal schoolwork.  They are so much fun that you forget you are learning.  


     When you complete each activity, you place your cutouts into baggies, so they can be placed on to the lap book when you are ready to put it together.  We are almost ready to begin assembling our lap book and will post pictures when we are done in a couple of weeks 😊  We didn't want to rush through any part of this amazing curriculum.  So much to absorb and learn!!

     Do you have a child who loves hands-on activities?  If you said yes, this may be a great fit for your family.  No more whining when it's time to learn about history.  Lots of fun but educational activities to keep them busy as they learn. 

     Would you like to learn more about Home School in the Woods? Just visit their website or their social media pages listed below: 

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