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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What is Your Child's Learning Style?

     If you would have asked me this question 15 years ago I wouldn't have understood what you were talking about, but after homeschooling 6 kiddos and reading tons of  books, articles and blogs, I have become very familiar with the term "learning style".  

      My children have fallen into every category over the years.  Most of the time a child will have a couple of learning styles that fit them well.  I would like to go over and explain each one and share with  you how we have been able to help our children learn more easily by knowing their learning style and implementing different ways of teaching so they could thrive.  

      Our first one to discuss is the Visual Learner.  These children learn well through seeing what they are expected to learn.  They love to look at pictures and experience things through sight.  These kiddos do best when we use chalkboards, whiteboards, flash cards, and media to teach them.  They love COLOR!!!  Our artists and creative ones,  are mostly visual learners.  

      Next we have our Aural or Auditory Learners.   These guys and gals learn best by hearing what is being instructed.  They love you to read everything out loud.   They enjoy audio books, lectures, and music.  In our home we have a couple that delight in listening to audio books and/or music while they are doing their seat work.  It actually helps them to focus better.  

       The third style is the Verbal Learner.   These learners flourish when they are directed by words.  They love to read and write.  They enjoy expressing themselves with speech or the written word.  I am a verbal learner so this is the one I understand best.  

        Number four is the Physical or Kinesthetic Learner.  These students learn by doing.  They love hands on activities to help them grasp what is being taught.  Kids in this category love to take field trips, working in labs, and doing projects that reinforce the lessons. 

            Next we have the Logical Learner.  Children in this division love math and logical thinking.  They love to work through problems.  They enjoy strategy games.  The logical learner will succeed when they are given a puzzle to solve.  Chess and checkers will be on their list of favorite games.  

          Sixth on our list is the Social Learner.  This type of child loves to be in a social setting.  They do best when they can work as a group.  They like being able to bounce their thoughts off  other people and get their input.  These are the homeschoolers who need to have social interaction in order to blossom.

           Last but not least we have the Solitary Learner. These youngsters savor working alone.  They accomplish their assignments with ease when they are left to themselves.  They ponder their capabilities and revel in working out things on their own.  These kids will do best when we show them what needs to be done, then leave them alone to do it.
              It is imperative that we watch and learn what type of learning style our child has so that we can improve our teaching methods.  They will be more efficient in their studies when we give them the correct tools to learn by.  No child is the same and we need to realize that when we are homeschooling.  We have to adapt to what fits them best.  

           Here are a couple of my favorite books on this subject.  Discover Your Child's Learning Style: Personalized Learning for Student Success by Mariaemma Willis is a great book with lots of practical ideas.    The other one is  The Big What Now Book of Learning Styles: A Fresh and Demystifying Approach by Carol Barnier.  This one will help you navigate to find out your child's learning style.  

             I didn't think this concept was important in my early years of homeschooling, but as a veteran, I see the need for it more and more each day.  We want our kids to achieve their goals and it is our job to give them the knowledge they need to attain them.  

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