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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Learning Can Be Fun & Educational


      Before you head out to finish up your Christmas shopping, I wanted to give you a list of great games and toys that are fun and educational.  Learning doesn't have to be boring.

     We love to play games in our home.  It is a time of fellowship and just good old fun.  The kids are learning reading, math, spelling, and critical thinking skills and they don't even know it.

       Let's get to that list....

  • Monopoly:  teaches counting, money, and good financial planning.

  • Scrabble:  teaches spelling, vocabulary, and reading skills

  • Chess: teaches critical thinking skills.

  • Yahtzee: teaches addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.

  • Game of States: teaches geography of the United States.

  • Risk: teaches strategy and critical thinking skills.

  • Mastermind: teaches critical thinking skills

  • Leap Frog Letter Factory: teaches phonics and reading skills.

  • Connect Four: teaches strategy and critical thinking.

  • Boggle: teaches spelling, vocabulary, and reading.

  • Rubiks Cube: teaches problem solving.

  • Checkers: teaches strategy and critical thinking skills.

  • Candy Land: teaches counting and colors.

  • Chutes & Ladders: teaches counting.

  • Cranium: teaches drawing, sculpting, acting, vocabulary, problem solving, and reading.

  • Tic Tac Toe: teaches problem solving and critical thinking.

     What I love about these games are that they are wholesome fun.  They help our children learn life lessons like how to be humble when we win, and how to behave when we lose.  We use our imaginations and our minds instead of just mindlessly looking at a TV or computer screen.   We interact.  We talk. We laugh.  We enjoy one another company.  

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