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Friday, December 16, 2016

Homeschooling In December

     I absolutely love homeschooling during the holidays.  We have had a lot of fun decorating, looking at lights, doing crafts, baking cookies, and watching the snow fall from our living room windows.  December is such a beautiful (and cold) month here in Ohio.  

     Today I wanted to give you a look into our homeschooling days during this time of year. We love getting out and enjoying the festivities, but we also have some great little traditions here at home as well.   Let's begin with one of our favorites, our Jesse Tree.  Each day we learn about the lineage of Jesus.   Starting with Adam and Eve all the way to  Mary the mother of Jesus, then our last day we talk about His birth.  We read Bible verses and then we put an ornament on our "Jesse Tree".  It a wonderful time of conversation and focusing on our Savior.

     In our home we enjoy doing crafts, especially during the holidays.  The boys like making crafts, but our youngest daughter could work on little projects all day, everyday.  She likes making DIY projects and giving them away as gifts.  It is really sweet to watch her being so creative.  In the past couple of weeks, she has made salt dough decorations, a paper nativity and some secret little crafts that no one will know about until Christmas morning.  

     Last week we were able to go see a live nativity at a local church.  It was beautiful.  I was so thankful for these who worked so hard to give us a look into Christ's birth.  It was so cold, but that didn't stop them.  They were determined to tell the real reason for the season.  My heart was filled with joy and peace as we drove through this display.  My favorite part was the end where they talked about the true Christmas tree and that was the tree where Jesus died for our sins.  The whole reason for His birth was so that he could die and be resurrected so that if we believe on Him, we can spend eternity in Heaven.  

      Another great tradition that we love doing as a family is getting in the van and going around looking at Christmas lights.  We pick a night and we go out to dinner, then we buy milkshakes and head off to see all the beautiful decorations.  It's so much fun.  We get to talk and laugh together and just enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.   With Christmas music playing in the background, and the lights shimmering all around, it takes you back to a simpler time.  

      Do you do an Advent study during this time of year?   For four weeks beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and leading up to Christmas we read verses on how God announced to everyone about the coming of  Jesus way before He arrived.  Each week we focus on a different quality like Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. The first week we begin by lighting one candle of four and by the end of Advent all candles will be lit.  This year I am leading an online group of ladies as we study these amazing verses that help keep us focused on Christ.  We never want to lose the true meaning for celebrating Christmas.  

      So far this December has been an incredible time of fellowship and learning together.  Our home is full of peace and joy as we study God's Word and look for ways to love on others during this season.   I wish every month could look like this one.  As we are out and about there seems to be a spirit of giving and peace in the air.  Even grocery shopping has been a blessing as I watch others being a little more cheerful an kind towards one another.  My prayer is that this feeling could last all year long.  Seeing everyone just a little sweeter and generous is a wonderful sight.  

     I wanted to add our Christmas Mini-Workbook to this post so you can have some fun little crafts and pages to do with your family.  Enjoy!!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I lov seeing how everyone else handles the busyness and excitement of December!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I lov seeing how everyone else handles the busyness and excitement of December!

  3. I also enjoy the special activities and focus this season - and we have have a Jesse Tree tradition as well! We have special handmade ornaments we bring out with each day of our devotional and hang them on an evergreen garland over a main doorway in our home.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Thanks for sharing at the #FamilyFriday Link up!
    We hope you will come back next week.