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Monday, December 12, 2016

Let's Talk Life Skills {Free Printable}

     Do you teach your children life skills?  Of course you do!   We love the fact that we can prepare our children for living on their own during our school day.  From the time our children can walk we invite them to learn from us.  We involve them in cleaning, cooking, sewing, organization, money management, and gardening.  My husband also teaches them how to work on cars,  lawn maintenance, and fixing things around the house.  They are well rounded by the time they graduate.  

      I have some ideas to share with you so you can instruct your children in each of these areas as well.  We want to demonstrate the right way to do things at an age when they can understand  and benefit from our teaching.  

       Early on our children can learn to work.  I have always had my little ones working beside me.  Here is a list of age appropriate chores: 

     Teaching our children to cook is so important.  This is a tool they will use on a daily basis. We want them to be able to feed themselves and their families healthy and good meals.  Even when my kids were little they would help me cook.  They loved stirring, kneading dough, and adding ingredients.  It wasn't always an easy undertaking for me as they would make messes, but it was a valuable lesson. By the time kids are 9 or 10, they should be proficient at making some meals like eggs, macaroni & cheese, and any type of sandwiches.  In their early teen years, they should be able to make any meal that they have a recipe for.  We have our boys and girls taking turns cooking so they will feel comfortable in the kitchen.  

     We have fun learning many tasks together such as gardening, computer skills, and sewing.  I was never interested in these things as a child, so we have learned them together by reading books, looking at videos, and good ole' trial and error.  We have been determined to learn these jobs.  It hasn't always been easy, but we stayed focused and were able to overcome.  I felt that my kids needed to accomplish these projects so they would be able to teach their children.  

     I have been blessed with a husband who has taken time to instruct our children in many subjects such as mechanics, electronics, soldering, lawn maintenance, fishing, driving and much more.   He was taught many things while growing up and he has extended that knowledge to our kids.  I have learned quite a bit from him too.  It's all about patience.  Taking the time to sit down and coaching your young people in duties they may need to perform one day when they are grown and on their own. 


      We have had our kiddos take on tasks that they wanted to learn on their own as well.  It's awesome to see them accomplish goals for themselves.  If our children work hard, they will be able to succeed.  If  they put their minds to it they can do it!   Our youngsters have taught themselves photography, hair cutting, guitar playing, and game designing.  They did this all on their own.  They were motivated to learn because these were things they were interested in knowing.  I believe we should encourage our kids in anything they want to learn.  

       I hope that you have fun teaching your children these wonderful life skills.  They will learn so much as they grow up in our homes.  Enjoy it!  Take time to just savor those little moments.  Don't fret over the small things.  Give your children the gifts they need to grow into healthy and happy adults..... that is the gifts of your love and attention.    Have a blessed day!!!!

       It is important to have goals for your homeschool.  I have made us a worksheet to use each month to keep us on track.  I want to share it with you.  

To save and print, hover over the image, right click and choose "save image as".


  1. Wonderful printable! We teach a lot of life skills too; my boys cook, clean, do laundry, and help meal plan as well.

  2. This is so important! In my previous middle school classroom, I have had to teach students how to sweep and complete other everyday tasks as they help in a community setting. As an RA for three years in college, I also taught some young women how to do their laundry for the first time. It's so helpful to our children to teach them those valuable skills and give them a concept of responsibility and self-respect.

  3. dads are vital aren't they? :)