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Just Being Us
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Friday, January 6, 2017

For Such A Time As This.... {Free Study of Esther}

     I can read the book of Esther over and over again.  This book has a love story, drama, adventure, and mystery.  I have learned so much from reading this book of the Bible.  

    Esther has many decisions to make just like women of today.  We can choose to live a life of surrender to God at all costs or we can choose to live a life of selfish ambition.  As you study this book you will see how Esther was willing to lay down her life for the good of her people.  She is obedient to God even in the face of adversity.  Her courage is weaved throughout the book.  

    As I contemplate her willingness to put her faith above her fears, I pray to have that same strength when I am faced with decisions that cause me to be afraid.  I ask God to make be brave so I can endure hardships that may come when I choose to serve Him over pleasing man.  

     Are you determined to live a life that is pleasing to your Heavenly Father even if it may cost you everything?  Are you willing to lay down your life for Him?  These are questions we must ask ourselves since there may come a day when we must choose.  It isn't easy to think about, but there may come a time when we are forced to choose God or our lives. If we can't stand up for Him today, in a time when we are not yet being persecuted for our beliefs, then how will we be able to stand up for Him when our faith is being put on trial? 

      There are many Christians who have had to choose God over their next breath.  They chose to believe that this life is temporary and that their true home is in heaven with their Savior.  Could you make that decision today?  Are you ready to choose Him over everything this world has to offer?  If you have not yet given your life to Christ, please contact me and I would be happy to pray with you and for you.  

       Today I have a free study for you to download and use for your own personal Bible study.  I pray it is a blessing to you and your family.  


  1. Thank you! I'm always on the lookout for studies to do with my daughters.