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Monday, April 24, 2017

Let's Talk About Diligence!

Diligence is defined as careful and persistent work or effort.  As Christians, we need to accept each job as though it was a special assignment from the Lord.  Everything we do should be done with excellence and with a good attitude.

     God wants us to remember that everything we do should be done as we are doing it for Him, not men.  As parents, it is important that we teach this principle to them.  They need to understand that each chore they are given, or task they are assigned, must be done for the glory of God.  We must teach them to have good attitudes while they perform these jobs.

     If you children have a tough time doing their chores, make it a point to read these verse with them each time they begin a chore.  Gently remind them that God wants them to do their jobs quickly, effectively, and with a smile.  Tell them how God is watching them, and how He loves to see them being diligent in the little things they have been told to do.  I find if my children see me doing my daily activities with a good attitude and a happy disposition, they follow my example.  They get to work without murmuring or whining.  If I am having a bad day, and I don't feel much like being cheerful in my duties, they tend to act out and grumble about everything I ask of them.

    We need to be diligent in reading God's Word in order to have the right attitude towards life.  God will show us how we are to behave, and he will guide us in teaching our kids how to act also.  God is the ultimate example of the best parent.  He directs us, but it is up to us to choose to follow His plans.  We too have to remind ourselves that we can teach our children, but ultimately it is their decision to obey and be diligent in what tasks they are given.  Don't feel like you are a failure as a parent if your children do not learn these behaviors right away.  BE DILIGENT in your training and pray for your child every day.

    "The lazy Christian has his mouth full of complaints, when the active Christian hath his heart full of comforts."  
~ Thomas Brooks

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  1. If our kids develop diligence, they will be ahead of most of the public school kids, who are not doing everything with excellence. I'm surprised at how many young people working at fast food places are lazy and rude.