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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of Daily Bible Jigsaw

     Our family loves to do puzzles.  It is a fun and relaxing activity.  We were all happy when we found out we were picked to review Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316.  It is such a fun way to do puzzles.  You can use the app on your phone, computer or tablet. All you need is a few moments of free time.  

     There are currently 4 platforms where this app can be used:

    We chose two of the platforms to try; Facebook Gameroom and the iPhone app. The app itself is free to download and you get one free puzzle a day,  but there are token coins you can purchase in order to play other puzzles or to use the little helps during your puzzle play.  I enjoyed using the Edges help. For 2 coins,  it would just show the edges of the puzzle first to allow you to put those into place before adding the middle pieces to your game.  

     Some of the other helps were: 

  • Rotate- it will rotate all the puzzle pieces for 2 coins
  • Guide- shows you the completed picture without the Bible verse added
  • Sweep- pushes the unconnected pieces to the edge for 1 coin
  • Magnet- attaches 2 random pieces of the puzzle together for 1 coin

    I love listening to music while we put puzzles together and this app didn't disappoint me in this area. I found the music during game play to be very relaxing.  It was soft and calming.  Most games have music that overwhelms you, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear very sweet tunes being played while you worked on putting the puzzles together. 

     We had a lot of fun putting the puzzles together each day we found time to play.  It was great seeing the beautiful pictures come together then reading and sharing the Bible verse that went along with the puzzle.  What I loved most was the reason these puzzles were created and that is to help spread the Word of God.  Planet 316 is a company that wants to bring God's Word to all ages and all people.  What a great way to share the Bible!!!

     The main reason we chose to use the Facebook Gameroom is so that we could share the lovely puzzles with our friends and family.  After finishing the puzzle each day, it will allow you to share the finished image on your Facebook home page.  I had quite a few likes on the beautiful photos I shared from the game.  The Bible verses were uplifting and encouraging.  I always like to share positive material with my Facebook friends.  

     If you would like to connect with Planet 316 on social media, here are their pages: 

     I encourage you to give this puzzle game a try. It will not only give you some time of relaxation, it will inspire you to share God's Word.  

     Invite your children to play with you. You will enjoy spending time together and it can open up lines of communication as you work as a team. Each moment we can spend together is precious and taking time to play games as a family is time well spent.  You will be making memories that last a lifetime.   

     If you would like to read some more reviews of this app, please come on over to the Homeschool Review Crew website.  

     May God bless you!!!

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