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Just Being Us
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed

     In my daily Bible study, I have been reading through the book of Luke.  As I read Luke 17, this verse really spoke to me. 

      After reading this verse several times, I realized that true faith in our Heavenly Father can cause great things to happen in our lives.  Do we realize how tiny a mustard seed is?  A typical seed is about 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter.  That is so small, yet faith that small can cause BIG things to happen.  

      If we put our faith in God, He can use us in a mighty way.  He will take our little offerings and use them in a magnificent way.  He wants us to have a pure faith, one without doubt and unbelief. That is all it takes to make a huge difference.

    So how do we increase our faith?  

     When we study our Bible and spend time in prayer our faith is increased.  The more time we invest in learning God's Word, the more our faith will grow.  There a few ways to gain knowledge of the scriptures.  We can read it, listen to it on our devices, and purpose to get all we can when we hear it preached.  Christian devotionals are also a great way to obtain understanding of His Word.  

     I know I want to have a faith that can move mountains like Jesus spoke about in Matthew 17. I want to make a difference.  I want God to be able to use my life to glorify Him.  I don't want others to see me.  I want them to see Him.  I must work on having Mustard Seed Faith.  

     The area I need to work on most is having faith that God will take care of things out of my control. I am a person who wants to control everything, so this is a hard one for me.  Letting go is so difficult, but I am working on it one day at a time.  

     What areas do you lack faith?  Are you ready to have God use you in a mighty way? 



  1. That area you need to work on... having faith that God will take care of the things out of our control is a huge one for most (all??) of us! I make progress on that... then realize I still have more surrendering to do. sigh. We do keep growing, though, little by little.

  2. Glad to be reminded that it's not the size of my faith that determines the power of God!

  3. I'm a want to control it all person sometimes, but staying in His word is key! (Visiting from one of those linkups..can't remember which one now!) :)