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Friday, August 20, 2021


I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

     I love spelling, vocabulary, and writing, but not all my children have. I was always concerned that they wouldn't do well in these subjects when they did their yearly achievement testing. I tried using a few different curriculums with my hesitant learners, and eventually, we found something for each one. That is why when I see amazing programs like this for homeschooling families, I get excited.  It's NOT Greek to Me! from Ready to Teach is a Greek vocabulary program that will help strengthen your child's vocabulary skills.  When they have better vocabulary skills, they will excel in other subjects as well.  I would have loved to have this resource years ago.  I am happy to use it with my 14-year-old daughter now. 

     It's NOT Greek to Me! is different because of the way they teach. They use Greek morphemes to teach vocabulary in a new way.  Greek morphemes are parts of a word originating from the Greek language. The program involves over 200 small word parts that eventually help to construct word meanings. This way is more challenging and a more fun way to learn vocabulary words. When things are learned in this way, your child will have an easier time remembering them long term.  Our children are capable of learning and retaining more vocabulary words than they realize. We just need to help them unlock a way to do it. 

     This set includes:
  • A softback Student Book
  • A softback Instructor's Manual
  • A flash drive
  • A hole punch 
  • A binder ring
     The Student Book is a single-use workbook that is about 112 pages long. It has 12 lessons, a Greek morpheme index, and color paper for study cards. I like that after every 2 lessons there is a review as well. 

     The Instructor's Manual is about 126 pages and includes:
  1. Introduction, background, and lesson plans
  2. Greek Morphemes, Lessons 1-12, and Words Worked Keys
  3. Review activities, keys, and a Serial Mystery Story
  4. Lessons tests, review tests, and all test keys 
  5. Greek morpheme index and a section all about the author Dr. Alene Harris

     The flash drive has a PowerPoint for each lesson. They are very informative and make learning more fun for your student.  The hole punch and binder ring will help your student keep their lesson cards organized and together.  

     The best part of this program is that your student gets to work at their own pace.  I think that is a great plus to learning for many students. They don't feel like they are being rushed. They can take their time with each lesson and really allow it to sink in. 

     We have been working through the lessons together.  I actually thought it would be fun to learn alongside my daughter. We are learning some new words along with the meanings of root words that will enhance our knowledge of vocabulary.  Our favorite part of the lessons is the PowerPoints.  They are very creative and help reinforce what is being taught in the workbook. The study cards make it simple to go over the words we are learning. I asked Hope what her favorite word was so far and she said eumegalobibliomaniac. You may be wondering why this is her favorite word.  It is because she is one.  She is a eumegalobibliomaniac.  It is someone who enjoys reading long books. She has a library of over 300 books in her bedroom.  Needless to say, most are over 300 pages long and yes she has read most of them. 

     Would you like to learn more about It's NOT Greek to Me! I would encourage you to go check out their website or read the reviews over on the Homeschool Review Crew site.  Just click on the image below 👇👇


                              Learn Greek Vocabulary with Ready to Teach

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