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Tuesday, August 17, 2021


 I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

      I believe it is important for our children to be able to logically think through things. They need us to help guide them through ways to make good decisions. Books like The Fallacy Detective can help parents in this endeavor.  I was more than happy to receive and review  The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn.  


     In this 262-page softback book, your child will learn all about how to recognize bad reasoning. This book is geared towards students age 12 and up. I believe it is a good fit for adults as well.  A fallacy is an error in logic. This book will allow your child or you to spot bad reasoning, put a higher value on good reasoning, and learn how to avoid errors in their own logical thinking or reasoning. 


     The book is broken down into 5 parts including:
  • The Inquiring Mind
  • Avoiding the Question
  • Making Assumptions
  • Statistical Fallacies
  • Propaganda
It concludes with the Fallacy Detective Game.... we haven't gotten there yet as we are working through the book first. In the game, you will be making up your own fallacies. Points are given for different things like writing the best fallacy and such. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins. It will help you strengthen your skills in recognizing bad reasoning. 

     When my daughter first opened the book, she saw all the little cartoons throughout.  She said, "Hey this is going to be a fun book."  I giggled and we read the introduction together.  I asked if she thought it was still going to be fun and she said "Yep, I love learning how people think."  She is a very logical thinker.  I knew she would enjoy learning more on the subject. 

     Together we would read through the lessons. Then she would do the questions on her own and we would discuss them. I think my favorite chapter so far has been chapter 3. It discusses the importance of reading or asking other people's viewpoints on subjects.  I do think it is crucial to see things from all sides. We don't want to have tunnel vision.  We want to see the entire picture.  It also discussed why it's valuable to ask wise people their viewpoints and get their advice when making a decision.  

     Hope's favorite chapter so far is chapter 7.  Here they talk about the Ad Hominem. This is an attack on an opponent's character or motives based on what they believe about something instead of disproving their argument.  Hope said she learned we should never discount someone's argument solely based on a certain character flaw or another belief they may have.  You need to focus on the subject at hand and do your own research. 

Would you like to learn more about this book and other resources like The Fallacy Detective? I would suggest checking out their website or social media pages below: 

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