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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW: OUR REVIEW OF Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

     I am always looking for great books to read. I try to read 4-5 a month. I especially enjoy books that focus on Christian parenting.  You can imagine my excitement when I was chosen to receive and review Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible written by Danika Cooley and published by Bethany House Publishers

     Danika Cooley is a fellow homeschool mom of 4. She is also an award-winning author whose passion for Christ is shown in her life and anything she writes.  Alongside her husband, they teach their children about God, and as a family, they enjoy memorizing scripture.  She writes an amazing Bible curriculum for families to use as they too nurture their children and teach them to follow God in all they do and say. 

     In this book, Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible, you will see Danika's love for teaching children how to live in the world today.  She will give you tools to lead your children as well as encouragement when you feel you are lacking. Her words will help you see how you and your family can become closer to God by reading His word and seeking Him as you do so.  Having a family Bible study will be your goal and she will give you ways to prepare your children for this life.  

     The softback book is about 199 pages long and is broken down into 3 parts:
  • Part One - You're the Leader
  • Part Two - Faithful Reading
  • Part Three - A Daily Walk
     Each section will help you in your journey to becoming a family that loves and serves God.  In Part One she will give you ways to teach the Bible in a way your children will understand. She also gives you ways to find time for you and them to sit down together and learn as a unit.

     Part Two will be your guide in how to teach the Bible. You will be able to talk about who wrote the Bible and why. The discussion will be your best way to impart facts and knowledge about the scriptures.  Let your kids be inquisitive and be willing to answer questions that they have. My personal favorite part of this section is when she talks about not making the Bible allegorical.  We need to present it as it is. Our children need to know the Bible is clear and we don't need to change it in any way to make it understandable.  

     The final part will teach you how to bring the Bible to life for your children.  You can do this by adding fun activities to your Bible time.  Making these activities age-appropriate will be key. Your children will be excited to learn about God's word and will come to family Bible study with joy.  

     I really wish I would have had this book at my disposal when all my kids were little.  I struggled some days to get our family together for Bible time.  This book would have been a great asset for me and I am sure it will help you as well.  I did learn much from reading this and it will help me with my teens as we have a few more years with them.  I am encouraged to keep teaching them and spending time with them discussing the scriptures.  

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