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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW: Our Review of Britfield & the Lost Crown

     We love to read.  We enjoy books of all kinds, but especially those filled with adventure and mystery.  I was excited to be chosen to receive and review Britfield & the Lost Crown.  I had read a little bit about it on their website and was intrigued.  

     Our family was given the physical copy of the book, but they also have a digital version if you prefer that method of reading.  The book is about 386 pages long, and has a soft cover.  It is a durable material and I feel it will hold up for many years.  It's hard to find books that are made this well these days.  

     Britfield & the Lost Crown is the first in a series, written by C.R. Stewart, a writer with 20 years of experience ranging from fiction to screenplays.  Each page will keep you wanting more.  I love the way the scenery is described with such beauty and detail.  It's like your right there with the characters as they go on this amazing journey. It is geared towards young people, but I enjoyed reading it too. 

     It is so hard to review a book without giving too many details that will ruin the story for ones who haven't read it before, but I will give you a few little peaks into this wonderful escapade. I know you will want to buy it for yourself and your family to enjoy.

     The story begins with a boy named Tom and his friend Sarah who live in an orphanage.  This orphanage is not one that any child should be living in, and when these two see a way to escape, they take it.  They leave looking for Tom's parents, who he thinks may still be alive. From the minute they leave, you will be invited to imagine the amazing sites that they journey through in this expedition to find the truth about Tom's family and heritage.  Will Tom find his parents?  Will he learn the truth about his family?  Will he and Sarah make it to their destination before getting caught by those men from Scotland Yard who are chasing them?  Will they have to go back to that horrible orphanage?  If you want to answer these questions, you will have to get the book.  😊

     This book goes to great lengths to describe the places that Tom and Sarah visit. I love that about a book, but some may not like all the descriptions.  My daughter said it was a bit much for her, but she likes more action and less details in her stories.  She did enjoy the plot line and the suspense throughout the book.  She absolutely loves to be surprised when she reads. She did ask me when the next one will be coming out... so I think that means she wants to read it too. 

     What I love most about this book is the website and study guide that you can use with it.  There are beautiful pictures that your child can look at as they read through the book.  We liked looking at places such as the Christ Church, Oxford or The Midlands.   

     The Study Guide was thought provoking and started many great conversations about the book. Also a great way to see how much your child has comprehended about the book.  
     If your family enjoys books like these, I would encourage you to check out their website and social media pages listed below: 

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