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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW: Our Review of The Wars of the Jews Set

     Recently we were given the opportunity to receive and review The Wars of the Jews set from Memoria Press.  This set is geared towards high school students, grades 9-12.  I was excited to let my son, who is finishing up 9th grade right now, to use it and get his opinion. He is always honest and fair.  


     Our family has been using resources from Memoria Press for a few years now. We have not been disappointed.  Their curriculum goes above and beyond.  This company has integrity and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys teaching through the Classical Education method.  

     The Classical Education method incorporates the use of Great Books and the study of liberal arts in order to instill wisdom and virtue as you learn.  Memoria Press does a great job of this.  My kids have learned so much from their studies.  They even make learning Latin easy and fun. 

     The War of the Jews set includes three books, a teacher's guide, a student workbook and a book that tells all about the prophecy of the Fall of Jerusalem.  They are all paperback books, but are built to last.  My son is pretty hard on his workbooks, and these have endured quite a bit over the last few weeks and still look great! 

     The War of the Jews: The Fall of Jerusalem book is written by Josephus, translated into English by William Whiston.  Josephus was a Jewish man that was taken captive and became a Roman citizen before the Fall of Jerusalem. He is considered the leading historian with great knowledge of this time as he was actually there when the Fall occurred.  This book includes parts of book V and VI of his writings.  There are 18 chapters to read in all. Josh was a bit thrown off by the text at first since it is not written in the language he hears on a daily basis.  Sometimes he would have to read through a chapter a few times in order to comprehend it fully. 

     The Student Guide is 26 pages long.  It includes 10 lessons that go along with the textbook and then a review lesson at the end. The lessons incorporate facts to know, vocabulary, quotes, and comprehensive questions.  They are simple to complete once your child has read the text. Again, it may benefit your child to read through the text more than once since the terminology is different than what most kids are use to.  
A rare find... a teenager who allows mom to take a picture of him working :) 

     The Teacher's Guide has the answer key to the Student Guide questions along with a test at the back if you would like to see how much your student remembers on his own.  I personally do not administer tests like this, instead we go through the questions on the test together and discuss what we thought and what we learned from the course.  

     So, what did Josh think of this course?  He said he enjoyed learning about this time in History.  He loves that he can learn about God as he studies historical facts.  He said he has even more respect for God's people after reading what they went through. As his mom, I feel this book touched his heart.  We often forget these events of History. I feel this set is a great resource for your high school student to use as a supplement to their History class. 

     Would you like to learn more about Memoria Press?  You can check out their website or social media pages listed below:

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