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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of UnLock Math

     For years I have struggled with teaching certain math classes.  I knew how to work through the problems and get the right answer, but teaching it was a whole new ballgame.  I wish we would have had UnLock Math when my oldest three were growing up.  That is why I was so excited to be reviewing a year subscription to UnLock Algebra1.  Our 12-year-old son loves to learn through online classes, so this product was a great fit for him. 
     UnLock Math has several different online math classes that they teach such as UnLock Pre-Algebra, UnLock Algebra1, UnLock Algebra2, and their newest program Unlock Geometry.  If you are a parent that feels intimidated teaching high school math, this program may be just what you are looking for.  It can be used as a supplemental program or a complete math class. They offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to each of their programs.  

     UnLock Math has so much to offer homeschool families such as:

  • Engaging Video Lessons With A Real Teacher
  • Assessment Environment Using The World's Most Advanced Symbolic Computational Engine
  • Unlimited Practice & Review
  • Reference Notes
  • Complete Solutions
  • Automated Grading
  • Mid-Term & Finals
     We didn't have any issues when signing up for UnLock Algebra1.  Logging in is a simple process for both the parent and student.  Our son was able to sign himself in with ease.  He worked on his lessons about 3 days a week.  Normally we do math every day of the week, but we are on a more relaxed summer schedule right now. I was happy to see that the program keeps track of your child's progress and grades. That is always a plus for parents who already have so much to do.  

     When I asked if he liked the program he said that he enjoys the teacher breaking down each problem and making it easier for him to understand.  He also likes the fact that he can work at his own pace.  He doesn't feel rushed or overwhelmed.  This is a wonderful review from a child who has been reading since he was 3, but has struggled with math since entering middle school. We will be using the other math products with him as long as he continues doing this well with Algebra 1.  The program will take him about 8 to 9 months to complete.  
     As I went through the site, I was so thrilled to see how much time and effort was put into this program.  The teachers are easy to understand and take time to explain each math concept and/or equation. Each lesson begins with a Warm Up, then you head into the video lesson.  After you finish the video, you do Practice Problems. Once you are done with that, you work on the Stay Sharp problems.  They help you review past concepts.  Finally, you take on a Challenge question, this gives your child an equation that really tests their knowledge.

     During each lesson they make your child feel at ease as they are learning.  My son didn't have any anxiety when working through the math problems he was given.  He took his time and remembered what had been taught by the teacher during the lesson time.  When he took the quizzes/tests, he felt as though he had the knowledge to get the answer right and even when he did get an answer wrong, he didn't sweat it.  He knew he would grasp it in time. He didn't whine or get upset when I said it was time to do math.  That is huge!!!
     Would you like to learn more about this amazing online math program?  I encourage you to visit their website UnLock Math or check out their social media pages: 
     We also have reviews for all the UnLock Math programs over on the Homeschool Review Crew website.  I hope you take some time to head on over and read what others have to say about UnLock Math.  

     Have a great day!!!!

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