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Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting Things in Order: Free Printables

Orderliness means to arrange, or set into place.  As Moms, it is so important to be organized.  If we are not organized our time spent searching for lost things, and cleaning will keep us from other things God has for us to do.

     Orderliness is having a place for everything 
and everything in its place. 

     I want to give you a few helpful hints to get organized and stay that way:
         1.  Take 15 minutes a day and clean an area and organize it.  Throw away or give away anything you are not using in that area.  For larger areas like basements, attics or garages, spend a weekend or two working on it, be sure to only keep what you use, and once it is cleaned up, vow to never allow it to return to an unorganized and cluttered area!

         2.  Make yourself a cleaning schedule, and be diligent.  

         3.  Go through your home every few months and get rid of anything you haven't been using for   over 6 months, except for holiday decorations.  

         4.  Teach your children how to put things where they belong.  Make a place for everything, and   keep them in that area. 

        5.  Have fun while you organize.  Put on some good worship music and allow it to lift your       mood as you work!

         6.  Maintenance is the key to keeping things in order :)

     As parents, we must be organized, so we can be good examples for our children to follow.  We want to be sure they understand that if they keep up on things, they will have more time for play and other activities.  Work together as a family, and do it with a good attitude.  Chore charts are great for kids to see what they are responsible for doing to help maintain their home :) I have some great free chore chart printables here: http://letsgetreal2016.blogspot.com/2016/09/free-printables-chore-charts-for-kids.html

Here are some wonderful grocery list printables to make your trip to the store a little easier.
To save these lists, just right click on each and choose "save image as..."


  1. I especially like the 3rd tip. Taking a look at things a couple of times each year and selling, donating, or throwing out what you don't need is a great idea!

    1. We have found that if we do this about every 3 months, it keeps us from having things we can't use or wear. This saves room and time when we clean and organize areas :)

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