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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday's Training Time: The Top Three

     Good morning readers :)  Today is Tuesday's Training Time.  I believe there are 3 character qualities that we must learn first before the other ones are taught.  Obedience, Attentiveness, and Self-Control must be learned before the other character qualities because without them in place the other qualities can not be established.  How can we be kind, gentle, or diligent without first being obedient, attentive and self-controlled?  See what I mean :)

     There are many ways to teach these character qualities.  You can even play games with your children to teach them how to be obedient, attentive and self-controlled.  One fun game is Simon Says.  Instead of saying "Simon Says:"  use "Mommy or Daddy Says".    This game allows them to practice being obedient, attentive and having self-control.   Red Light, Green Light is another great game to help them learn these important character traits.

     Do you have kiddos who have a hard time sitting still and being quiet in public places?  Well, Moms and Dads, they need practice at home in order to learn.  A great way to curb having to discipline your children in areas is to train them in the behavior you expect instead.   If you would like little Sally or Johny to show self-control while at a restaurant, then you must establish these behaviors at your dinner table.  If you want them to sit still and be quiet during the church service, then you must teach them at home during a devotional time.

     Training our children takes time, effort and tons of patience on our part.  We must be consistent in our training and encouraging of good behavior.  In order to be a good parent, we need to look to our Heavenly Father for strength and guidance.   He is the ultimate example of a great parent.  He disciplines with love and he trains us in righteousness throughout his Word.

     I am excited to share ways our family teaches these wonderful character qualities.  I hope you enjoy our blog posts on training with practical methods.

The character cards pictured above in the first picture are from one of our favorite websites called We Choose Virtues. We decided to frame our three top qualities as a constant reminder.

For some great printables on OBEDIENCE follow this link: http://letsgetreal2016.blogspot.com/2016/09/free-printables-obedience.html

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