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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of HiGASFY Art History Video Series

     Our daughter has loved arts and crafts since she was a small child, but teaching Art History to her has been a challenge.  I was excited to hear we were chosen to receive and review a 3 month subscription to HiGASFY Art History Video Series.  The HiGASFY Art History Video Series is a fun and educational way to teach Art History to your children. 

     HiGASFY stands for Have I Got A Story For You. It is a subscription based program.  These videos last about 30 minutes or so and will be a wonderful tool to help your child learn about great artists and their style of art.  Mrs. Beth and her little friend Gasfy will introduce your student to artist such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Michelangelo.  She teaches  by telling amazing stories that will keep your child's attention for the whole time period.  That is impressive!!! 

     The video series includes 4 different periods of art studies.  Each period includes 16 lessons.  These are geared toward First through Eighth graders and are put together very well.  I enjoyed watching them just as much as my daughter did.  

     The 4 periods include:
  • Renaissance Series 
  • Baroque Series 
  • Impressionist Series 
  • Post-Impressionist Series 
     We are finishing up the Renaissance Series and have had been entertained all the way.  Mrs. Beth is very knowledgeable, yet even young children will be able to understand and comprehend what she is teaching.  

     The videos are played through You Tube so you can watch them wherever you are.  My daughter watched a few while we did errands.  It was so easy to use.  That is always a plus in my book.  I don't want to have to download a bunch of things in order to take a class.  This video series is a great fit for our family.  

    We were also able to log on to the site and use the curriculum bundle that goes with the videos.  The bundle includes lessons plan, name that artist, and flash cards to reinforce what is being taught in the videos.  The lesson plans are comprised of an objective, activity, critical thinking skills, vocabulary, and more.  I loved having it on hand. Made planning for me a breeze.  

     My daughter especially loved the Free Draw lessons that appeared throughout the curriculum bundle.  She loves to draw and was able to come up with quite a few wonderful drawings/ paintings of her own while taking these classes.  

     If you have a student in grades 1-8, I would encourage you to look into these online classes.  I believe they are a great resource for teaching Art History.
      Would you like to know more about HiGASFY Art History Video Series?  I would check out their site and their social media pages listed below: 

     We also have more reviews of this product over on the Homeschool Review Crew site.  Just click on the link below 
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Have I Got A Story For You Art History Video Series {HiGASFY Art History Video Series Reviews}

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