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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of Doctor Aviation

    What boy hasn't dreamed of being a pilot? I know my boys have been interested in airplanes since they were little.  That is why when we were picked to review Doctor Aviation I was so thrilled. I knew my son, who is 17, would love to take these online classes that would teach him Aviation History.

     When I went to log on to our account I immediately saw something that caught my attention.  When you purchase this course, 70% of the revenues are donated to Young Life, Cru, Campus Outreach and other organizations working to restore wholeness to America's youth; the future of our country. Here is what they state about why they donate: "Doctor Aviation is deeply concerned about the cultural pressures hurting young people today. We want health and healing for America." This just warmed my heart and I was even more excited to have my son learn from such a reputable company.  

     As my son began the classes he was impressed with the knowledge that the instructor had. His credentials include 24 years in the Air Force as a pilot and instructor, a research pilot, the author of a book on aviation and now a college professor.  I believe his years of experience is what brings life to this course.  He knows what he is talking about and is passionate about teaching it to young people. 

     The course includes 15 sessions that last about an hour. The courses included are:

Session 1 Course Overview: The Aviation System
I. The Aircraft

Session 2 The Major Components of an Airplane
Session 3 Axes and Forces
Session 4 Why an Aircraft Flies: The Secret of Airfoils and Lift
Session 5 Why an Aircraft Turns, Pitches and Slides: The Flight Controls
II. Air Traffic Control
Session 6 How We See an Aircraft Miles Away: The Secrets of Radar
Session 7 The Air Traffic Cops: How Air Traffic Control Works
III. Maintenance
Session 8 Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Propeller Engines
Session 9 Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Jet Engines
IV. Airfield Operations
Session 10 The City in and of Itself: Running a Large Airport
Session 11 The Small Airport and Running an FBO
V. The Aircraft II
Session 12 Flying in the Clear and Not so Clear Air: VMC and IMC
Session 13 Important Pilot Instruments – Attitude Indicator
Session 14 Important Pilot Instruments – Airspeed Indicator
Session 15 Other Aviation Ships: Gliders, Helicopters, Airships

     Each session also gives you PDF downloads that include: 
  •  guided notes to use while you watch the videos
  •  a list of resources to allow you to research about what is being covered during the session with a list of You Tube videos, hands-on activities and writing assignments to name a few. 
      Some sessions include a download to help prepare you for the exams.  I think this is a great resource for students who want to study and do well on the exams.  


     The site is easy to navigate and it keeps track of your progress.  It is geared for people 16 years and older, but I think a family could take the class together and learn so much about aviation. 

      My son has enjoyed the sessions he has completed so far and is looking forward to finishing up his classes soon.  He said that he wishes he could be an Air Force pilot, but certain medical conditions will not allow him to pursue this field. However, I am praying one day that he will be able to go flying as a pilot who owns his own personal plane.  

     Are you interested in learning more about Doctor Aviation?  I encourage you to check out his social media pages listed below:
      We also have some more reviews of this wonderful resource over on the Homeschool Review Crew website.  Please come on over and see what other families have to say about this product.  

     Have a blessed day!


  1. What aspirations your son has. Hopefully, this course has helped fuel ideas and dreams that can help him reach them. - Lori

  2. so neat when you find a course that intrigues our youth so much eh?