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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of Fascinating Chemistry

      High school science classes can be intimidating to teach.  I love all the wonderful ways we can teach our children today.  One popular way is online classes. We were so happy to hear we were going to review Fascinating Chemistry from Fascinating Education.  We were given a full year of this wonderful resource to help us teach chemistry to one of our children.  It is a blessing to have these classes at our disposal. 

     You are probably wondering what makes this online science class so different from the rest. Well, let me tell you that Dr. Sheldon Margulies has a different approach to teaching these science lessons. Instead of making science seem like it is a difficult subject to learn, he brings science to life for the students.  They are not reading a textbook.  They are seeing simple yet colorful illustrations with wonderful audio explanations of scientific terms and methods that they can understand.  

      The curriculum takes a new approach by:
  • Assuming the students know nothing about chemistry, biology or physics
  • Slicing the information very thin
  • Presenting the material slowly and clearly – in plain English
  • Following a story line
  • Showing how chemistry, biology, or physics explains or solves some real life observation or problem
  • De-emphasizing terminology
     Right now they offer Fascinating Chemistry, Fascinating Physics, Fascinating Biology, Fascinating Anatomy and Physiology, Fascinating Logic of Medicine, and last but not least Chemistry pre-course for Biology.  You can register for one course at a time or they offer a few combined for you.  Each registration you purchase will last for a year.  The prices range from $20 to $175 depending on the classes you take and if you combine a few classes. 

       I really loved what I saw from Fascinating Education.  The chemistry classes were easy to understand yet very informative at the same time. I even learned a few things while I watched the teaching videos with my son.  What was awesome is that he didn't get bored. The videos kept his attention for the entire class time.  He didn't want to quit after 10 minutes.  The average class time is about 45 minutes and he sat there the entire time without complaint.  

      After you finish a lesson, there is an online test for you to take.  It allows parents to see how much their student learned and if he should redo the lesson or be able to go ahead to the next lesson.

      Fascinating Chemistry includes 19 lessons:

  • Lesson 1 -The Structure of the Atom
  • Lesson 2 -The Ionic Bond
  • Lesson 3 -The Covalent Bond
  • Lesson 4 -The Polar Covalent Bond
  • Lesson 5 -The Metallic Bond Part 1
  • Lesson 6 -The Metallic Bond Part 2
  • Lesson 7 -Heat
  • Lesson 8 -Air Pressure
  • Lesson 9 -Properties of Water
  • Lesson 10 -The Mole
  • Lesson 11 -Gases
  • Lesson 12 -Solutions
  • Lesson 13 -Chemical Reactions
  • Lesson 14 -Orbitals
  • Lesson 15 -Molecular Geometry
  • Lesson 16 -Electrochemistry
  • Lesson 17 -Polymers
  • Lesson 18 -The Nucleus 
  • Lesson 19 -Final Problems 
     We were able to get through quite a few classes even on our relaxed summer schedule, and we look forward to finishing the rest soon.  We also completed a couple of Chemistry labs that come with your curriculum.  Most of the labs use household supplies that you may already have on hand.  We did our labs as a family even though the class was only used by our son that is in high school.

       If you would like to learn more about Fascinating Education and all their wonderful science classes, I encourage you to visit the Homeschool Review Crew website.  We have some great reviews for you to read.  It will give you a glimpse into how other families used this curriculum. 

      Have a blessed day!!!!  


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