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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of ArtAchieve, Level II

     My daughter and I enjoy working on many different types of arts and crafts.  When we were picked to review ArtAchieve, we were thrilled.

     ArtAchieve has 5 different levels of online art lessons to choose from and we were given the Entire Level II set to use and review.  This level was perfect for us. It was a challenge, yet not too hard for my 9-year-old and I to complete and enjoy. 

     I love how they have priced these art lessons.  You can buy an entire set or individual lessons to use for a year.  The Entire Level II lessons are about $5 per lesson, per year, or you can buy them all together at one discounted price.  If you would like to see which level is right for you, it's great they allow you to buy one lesson at a time.  Once you have found a good fit for your art level, you can purchase the entire level of lessons. ArtAchieve also offers a free lesson for you to try.  That is always a plus for me when I am considering a new curriculum for our homeschool. 

      From the beginning, we knew these lessons were going to be fun yet educational.  They give you a list of supplies you will need, then the "rules" to follow as you complete the lesson.  My favorite rule was the one that said there was no wrong way to do this.  This rule gave you the freedom to make mistakes and not feel like you have to start over everytime you mess up.  This was especially important for my daughter who feels like she has to make everything look perfect or just like what she sees on the paper.  She felt that she had more flexibility in her drawings.  This freedom gave her more joy as she completed the lessons.  

      Each of our lessons came with a warm up, powerpoint of each step for the lesson, a printout of the finished drawing/painting, and a video version of the lesson.  We preferred to use power point for our lessons.   They were easy to follow and allowed you to work at your own pace. We also enjoyed reading the background of each art project we were doing.  It brought depth to the piece we were working on.  Each lesson also comes with Cross-Curricular Connections like the one here for the Swedish Dala Horse.  This gives you the option of studying the object of your art lesson during other classes like history or geography.   

     Our favorite project was the Ukrainian Cat.  We had a lot of fun with it.  Adding our own details at the end was always a highlight to the lessons.  

     We have decided to try Level III after our summer break, and we look forward to learning more and more about how to express ourselves through art.  Drawing and painting can be so relaxing, and for me, it lowers my stress levels considerably.  It's also a fun way to bond with your children.  

     I also want to share a piece of artwork that my daughter did after we completed our art lessons. I don't think she would have been able to do this on her own without the confidence she received through the ArtAchieve lessons.  Last week she sat down with a blank canvas and drew a bunny.  She then went on to paint it and it turned out really well.  

      I encourage you to go and check out the other reviews for these amazing online art lessons over on the Homeschool Review Crew site.  You will be able to check out the different levels and what other homeschoolers had to say about them.  


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