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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece

     Our family was so happy when we were given HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece to review.  We absolutely love hands on learning and this new study from Home School in the Woods kept us intrigued through each lesson.

     I have always had a hard time teaching history and making it exciting.  When I received this study, it was like a burden was lifted from me.  This study had adventure through hands on activities, projects, audio tours, a file folder game and so much more!!!  I have never had my children come up to me and want to do history class before. They couldn't wait to see what was coming up next. 

     The Home School in the Woods company not only has a study of Ancient Greece.  They also have Ancient Egypt, The Middle Ages, and Renaissance & Reformation. I have also heard that in 2018, they will add Ancient Rome! Right now our family is deciding on the next study we may be doing in the future.  When you find a good fit for your homeschool, you want to keep going with it.  

     I like that everything was laid out for me to follow.  I did add a few things here and there, but the Guide Book Text, Travel Itineraries, and scheduled projects kept me on track.  We used a few of the additional resources as well to enhance our learning experience.   

     From the beginning of the study, we knew we were going to have fun with this.  Right off the bat, we made a passport and briefcase.  It sparked a thirst for learning more and more.

    This study of Ancient Greece included 25 lessons plans or what they called "stops".   I think my kids would have gone through the entire study in a week if I had let them.  Each lesson was unique and had special little projects. It kept us focused on what we were suppose to learn for the day.

    I liked the fact that you can make this study fit your homeschool needs and ages of your children. To keep our other subjects in line with the study of Ancient Greece,  I added a few little writing projects for our older child, while our nine year old was busy drawing pictures of what she learned.  It is a great learning tool and inspired many great conversations. 

 Our favorite project was when we made the Clepsydra.  It was a time telling device of Ancient Greece.  I love that the instructions were laid out in such a way that I could easily hand off the project to my kiddos and allow them to do it while I supervised. 

     The only negative thing I can say about this study is that I went through a lot of ink in our printer and our paper stash is drained.... but I have to say after seeing the faces of my kids enjoying every minute of this project and hearing them tell their daddy what they learned every night, it was worth every drop of ink involved and every page of paper.    

    If you would like to learn more about these amazing studies for yourself, they have a Facebook page : Home School in the Woods, a Twitter account : HSintheWoods and to read more great reviews of this product you can go to The Homeschool Review Crew site.

     I would encourage you to check out these resources for your family.  If you like to have fun, do projects together, and learn about history in a extraordinary way, these studies may be for you!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome way to learn about history. I admit, I wish I could have been on this review, but I didn't think I could have fit it in with our curriculum. Now, if this had waited til NEXT year, it would have been a perfect fit. I will definitely need to remember to look into this for possibly adding to our curriculum next year when we do My Father's Worlds' Creation to the Greeks.