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Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Review of A Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar of Story

     I have always loved grammar lessons. Even when I was in school, I couldn't wait to do my grammar homework.  I know I am weird huh?  Most people do not care for this class at all.  I have 6 children and only 2 really liked to learn all the grammar rules and how to write with excellence.  

     I was excited to be able to receive and review A Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar of Story  I knew it would be a great way to teach my youngest daughter how to write creative and imaginative stories with great detail and skill.  This creative writing curriculum was a fun addition to our homeschooling days.  

     My daughter is 10, and was able to work independently on most lessons.  She enjoyed the new approach taken by the three authors of this book.  Christopher Hansen, J.R. Fehr, and Yogger LaFossa have done a great job finding a way to teach creative writing to students who may otherwise not ever want to write a story.  They have captivated their audience with wonderful adventures that the students enjoy reading then bring storytelling to life with exercises for the student to complete. The fun way they teach you to use your imagination to write amazing stories is what sets this apart from other curriculum. 

     From brainstorming to symbolism to character development, this resource will help anyone wanting to learn how to write well.  It will give you valuable tools to assist you in your storytelling.  Even though it is geared towards older children and teens, I think adults would be able to learn from it as well.  Writing and storytelling is such a great way to express yourself and to encourage or entertain others.  I believe everyone could use a good course in this subject. 

      I would encourage you to check out this book and other reviews here: A Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar of Story

      Have a great weekend!!!

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