Just Being Us

Just Being Us
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Friday, January 25, 2019

Starting Your Day Out on the Right Foot

     Each day is a new beginning.  We have choices to make every morning we wake up.  We can choose to be positive or negative.  We can see each day as a blessing or we can complain about everything.  We can be a calming influence in our homes or we can be a grumpy Gus.  

      So how do we start our day out on the right foot?  You set the tone of your entire household by your attitude and outlook on life. I believe if you can do these five things each day, you will have a more peaceful home.  

  1.  Get plenty of rest.  This may mean going to bed a bit earlier than you already do.   If you have little ones keeping you up at night, this is even more reason to head to bed as soon as you can.  Don't stay up to complete chores and tasks, instead put them on your to do list for the following day, and allow yourself to rest so you will feel better and be able to have a more positive outlook.  
  2.   Give yourself a few moments to spend with the Lord each morning.  This may be just a few minutes or so, but you won't regret beginning your day reading/listening to God's Word, praying, or even just listening to a worship song as you get dressed or prepare breakfast for your family.  When we put God first, everything else seems so much easier throughout our day.
  3.   Make your bed.  I know this doesn't seem important, but it can set the pace to your entire day.  I always feel better knowing my bed is neat and tidy and ready for me to snuggle into at bedtime.  
  4.   Get dressed.  Don't lounge around in your pajamas all morning or you may never get out of them.  Set a few minutes aside to get dressed, brush your teeth and hair, and maybe even put a little make up on.  You will feel better about yourself if you do these little things for YOU!
  5.   Eat!!!  Eating a healthy breakfast will help you have more energy and will help your mood as well.  When we are hungry, we get grumpy.  Our bodies need fuel to function.  Grabbing a bowl of cereal or a protein bar may make your day go much better than if you forget to eat.  
     I realize that this list isn't really new to anyone, but we need to hear it often as moms, so we can remember to follow it.  

     I also know what life is like with small children.  I have 6 kiddos, and the first three are only one year apart from each other.   I remember what life was like during those first years.  I wish someone would have told me to do follow a list like this when I was a young mom. Maybe things would have gone more smoothly for me.  I may have had a better attitude.  I might have been more positive.  Grumpy Gus may have taken a backseat to Happy Harriet.  I didn't realize that I was setting the mood of our home. Now that I am 42 years old, I see how important it is for me to take care of myself in  order for me to be able to take care of my family. 

    Our youngest 3 have a more calm home to grow up in because I have chosen to be more positive and to take care of myself better. They enjoy the fact that mom isn't as grumpy as she use to be. I have made it a priority to be a good example for them and to give them a peaceful atmosphere to learn in.  It's all about your attitude and outlook each morning.... TRUST ME!  

    So how will you begin your day?  Give these things a try and let me know how it goes.  

Friday, January 11, 2019

Come Grab Your FREE Daily Planner Pages

     Today I have a freebie for you to help you get organized in the new year.  These daily planner pages will help you stay focused on your goals and plan for your days. 

     I have found that finding balance in being organized and flexible is the key to happy living. We can plan our lives, but leave room for unexpected things that God would have us do.  One example of this is we do school 5 days a week for 6 hours a day, but if a friend is in need of help or support, I am okay with leaving our agenda behind for the day and loving on them.  I won't allow our schedule to keep us from God's plans. 

     I hope these planner pages are a blessing to you and your family.  Have a great day!!!!