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Friday, March 13, 2020


Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

      Over the past month or so we have had the opportunity to read through  Venturing with God in Congo by Conjurske Publications. We love reading as a family and have been enjoying this book very much.  I am excited to share my review with you.  

     This beautiful cover is just the beginning of the wonderful story inside.  This is a hardback book and is very durable.  It begins with Darrell Champlin, the author of this book and missionary, explaining his thoughts on missions.  You can't help but feel compelled to read this book once you have read these thoughts.  His heart is pure and his intentions are clear.  He just wants to lead people to Christ.  He wants to know " Do You Know God?"

     Before digging into this book, you will be given pronunciation tips, a timeline, and a map of the Congo.  I felt this was a great addition to the stories.  A great way to help you through the adventures that await you as you read each chapter. There are 50 chapters including the introduction and epilogue.  The book is about 290 pages long and each chapter can be read independently.  We are taking turns reading each chapter as a family during our devotion time.

     You are probably wondering why you need pronunciation tips.   It is because you will want to pronounce the names and places in the book correctly.  These pronunciations will help you understand the Lingala language a little better. 

     These missionary stories take place in the Congo during the mid-'50s to mid-'60s.  You will find out that the wife of Darrell, named Louise, had parents who also were missionaries to the Congo, and that is where their heart for this area came to be.  Each chapter gives you a look into their lives and adventures as they set out to win people for Christ.  

     My heart was touched by each event that occurred during their time there. Their experiences and sacrifices bring you to a place of extreme gratefulness.  Until you read it for yourself I don't think you can grasp the amazing feats made by every missionary that served in these stories.  Their lives serve as a reminder that no matter what lies ahead, God is there and He will see you through as you surrender your life for His service.  

     I especially liked the way Champlin tells us about his family and their role in sharing Christ with these tribes in the Congo.  You see that no sacrifice was too big.  They just want to make sure that they did all they could to tell others about the love of God and His ultimate sacrifice.  

     Throughout the book, you will see very descriptive writings about how these tribes in the Congo live, such as how they had to kill animals for food. Each chapter has a way of taking you right to where the author is and giving you insight into that part of the world. It sure brings a lot of perspective to what other places deal with and makes you very thankful for what you have. 

     There are also verses that Champlin shares that gave him strength and courage. I personally love seeing God's word as I read through a biography.  It helps me know the author more. I can't wait to finish this book and I encourage you to get this book and read it for yourself or as a family.  I believe it will touch your heart as it has mine and my kids.  

     Would you like to know more about this book and Conjurske Publications?  Come check out their website and Facebook page listed below:

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Venturing with God in Congo {Conjurske Publications Reviews}
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