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Just Being Us
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Friday, March 30, 2018

Do This In Remembrance of Me


     During my morning devotions, I read through Luke 22. This chapter of the Bible talks about the Last Supper.  During this meal, Jesus tells the disciples what He is going to do. He talks about the sacrifice that He will make. Even though they do not fully understand it, they know He is teaching them something very important.

     I always tear up when I think of the sacrifice that Jesus made for me.  As Easter approaches, I tend to get more emotional. Just imagining what my Savior did for me makes me want to do everything I can to serve and obey Him.  

     In our churches today, we remember what Christ did for us by taking communion.  It helps to remind us of the tremendous things that He endured in order to make a way of salvation for all those who believe on Him. I don't think I have ever taken communion without tears streaming down my face.  I can't help but think about what He went through that day.  The pain, humiliation, and separation he must have felt. I have to stop right now to say;  "Oh Lord, thank you for Your body that was broken for me.  Thank you for Your blood that was spilled out for me."  

     As I sit here writing this, I am crying.  I am also reminded of the song by Steve Green called Broken and Spilled Out.   

      Jesus gave his own life that we might one day live in eternity with Him.  All we have to do is BELIEVE.  

     Do you know He loves us even though we fail Him?  The grace and mercy that He pours out on us every day are so great. How can we show our gratitude for His amazing grace?  We can show it by obeying His Word. We can show our gratefulness by turning from our sins and living lives that are pleasing to Him. We can share Him with others. We can love on others just as He does. He is so good to us.  

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