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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of Drive Thru History Adventures

     History is a hard subject to get your children excited about, but when my kids heard that we would be reviewing a one year subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures, they were ecstatic.  They love the way Dave Stotts brings history to life through these amazing homeschool videos.  It was so great to see them excited about studying history.  This site offers a few different sets of  online videos like Bible History and Ancient History, but we will be reviewing the American History videos for you today. 

     As soon as I logged onto the site, we were amazed at all the wonderful resources being offered.  Not only do you get to watch the full length episodes, but there are worksheets for each episode to help reinforce what is being taught.  The Dashboard on the site allows you to explore what the site has available to you. There are featured videos, the latest resources, and even a look at their Facebook page posts. 

     The Resource page on the site shows some featured articles, videos, behind the scenes, suggested readings, worksheets, and answer guides. I absolutely love the way it is laid out for parents and children to use with ease.  


     American History is a fascinating subject to study, but I've always had issues making it fun for my kids to learn.  These videos are such a great tool to help teach history and do it in a way that our children remember what they have been taught. My kiddos were actually asking to do their history class everyday instead of dreading it.  This is HUGE!  I have to say that the humor and way that Dave speaks right to his audience is why this is such a big hit.  Kids can't wait to see what adventure he will go on next.  

      My 13 year old son especially loves to watch these adventures and I can always hear him laughing and see him smiling all the way through each episode. 

      After we watched each episode we did the worksheet that corresponded with the lesson. The worksheets allow me to see how much they remembered about each lesson and will be great addition for our homeschool portfolios.  

     A couple of weeks after logging onto the site, we were surprised with a package from Drive Thru History.  Right away they wanted to open it and see what they were sent.  Inside were two patches, 2 stickers and an autographed picture of Dave Stotts.  Hope and Josh couldn't wait to show their siblings and dad what they had gotten that day. It's the little things that make a company great and this was one of those things that make me love Drive Thru History.  

     Their Facebook page is also a great personal touch to this program.  You are welcomed once you join the group and they are very active on the page each and every day.  We even received a special little message from Dave after adding a photo post.  That was so exciting for the kids. 

     Just when I thought the program couldn't get better, we were introduced to another part of the subscription. If your kiddos just want to watch the Drive Thru History videos, they can go to the  Adventures TV part of the site or download the app for it onto their Apple or Android device. Didn't I tell you this subscription is great!!!!  You can learn on the go!  

      If you think this curriculum would be a good fit for your family now would be a great time to join as there are a couple of specials going on right now. The first special is if you join Drive Thru History Adventures  yearly subscription they are offering a dvd set of The Gospels with your subscription.   The second special can be found in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine on page 19.  Here is the link to the digital version of the magazine: http://www.thehomeschoolmagazine-digital.com/thehomeschoolmagazine/2018x1/?pg=1#pg1

     I would encourage you to check this program out and to take a look at their social media pages listed below: 
     We also have more reviews for you to read over here 

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Have a blessed week!!!

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