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Monday, August 7, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of the I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God Bible Study

     Our family loves finding wonderful new devotionals to use personally and as a group. That is why we were happy to receive and review I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God Bible Study (13 week study) King James Version from Greek 'n' Stuff. We decided our 12-year-old son Josh would be the one to use it. He said he is enjoying it and wouldn't mind having some of the other Bible studies from Greek 'n' Stuff.  

     When I was a pre-teen, I would have loved to have studies like this to help me learn the Word of God.  Even though I went to a Christian school, my personal relationship with Christ was not being encouraged.  We went to many group Bible studies, but I didn't really study the Bible for myself.  I think that is why I impress upon my children the importance of a time alone with God. When I see material like this for young people my heart swells with joy.  What a great resource to help them learn more about their Creator and His Word.  

   I Can Study Jonah & Ruth is used for six days a week for thirteen weeks.  The first five lessons you are studying Jonah and the last eight studies, you will be learning about Ruth.  Each week you are given a memory verse. It is essential to hide God's Word in your heart so this is a valuable part of this study, one I was pleased to see.

    Greek 'n' Stuff was founded by Karen Mohs.  She homeschooled for over a dozen years and her love of teaching is shown in these wonderful studies. It means so much when a fellow homeschooling mom shares her gifts with us and that is exactly what Karen does in her development of these resources. Each study is a work from the heart.  

     Our son does not enjoy seatwork.  He would rather do hands on activities or work on the computer, but when I asked him if he was enjoying this Bible study he said "YES!"  I was in shock.  My heart was overjoyed to hear him ask if they had other studies like this one.  I was excited to share the news with his dad.  

     When I inquired about why this study differed from the other Bible studies that he had done, he replied: "It's not too long Mom, but I still feel like I am learning God's Word."  He said that other studies are too long and he feels like he can't remember it all in such a short time.  These studies take a week to go over about 10 to 12 verses. You are given time to really study what is being said or taught in the scriptures.  No rushing through or having too much to understand all at once.  It was a perfect fit for our son.  

      Would you like to read more information about this company? I encourage you to visit their website or social media pages listed below:
      We have more reviews for this study and many others for you to check out on the Homeschool Review Crew website. I love reading what other homeschool families have to say about a product as I contemplate using it for my family. 

     Have a blessed week!



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