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Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's A Spring Thing {A Peek Into Our Spring Activities}

     In March of every year, we look forward to planting our seeds.  These little plants will grow on our back patio until they are ready to be transplanted into our garden.  We look forward to this each Spring.  It has become a family tradition.  

     As soon as my kids were old enough to walk, we let them be involved in this process.  We make it a fun and educational experience.  They love to watch their seeds grow.  We use see through plastic cups so we can keep an eye on their growth day by day.  

     I like to print out worksheets each week as we observe the changes our little seeds go through.  It's an excellent time to talk about parts of a plant, parts of a flower, photosynthesis, and how to grow a garden.  It brings learning to life.  Hands on experiments always leave a lasting impression on our minds.  

     If you would like to begin doing this with your children, here is what you may need: 
  1.  Organic potting soil {you can buy it with or without plant food already in the mix}
  2.  Containers for your plants to start growing in.  Personally we use cups that are see through so we can view the many changes a seedling goes through.
  3.  Organic Seeds of your choice.  
  4.  Organic Plant Food {if it is not already in your potting soil}
  5.  Garden gloves if you don't want your hands and fingernails to get too messy. 
     Last year we did an experiment with a green bean and a CD case.  It was so much fun to watch that little seed grow.  The kids had a blast seeing it sprout and grow into a plant.  There wasn't much dirt covering it so you could really observe the process.  

     All you need to complete this experiment is:
  1.  An empty CD case
  2.  Potting soil
  3.  Green bean seeds
  4.  Scotch tape to hold the CD case closed so nothing falls out when it is picked up.

     A new tradition, that we started in 2016, is planting certain seeds that will attract Monarch Butterflies.  We started this right before we decided to buy our own butterfly pavilion.  

     I was excited to see that we could buy a butterfly garden set.  It came with a little cup of caterpillars that we had the opportunity of watching change into Painted Lady Butterflies. It was an amazing experience for my kiddos.  

     My daughter decided to make it a full blown science experiment. We talked about the life cycle of the butterfly and we read a few books on the subject. She made her own little poster board to remember this adventure. She worked very hard taking care of her little creatures, and was a bit sad when it was time to let them go.

     Well, that is a glimpse into a few of our Spring activities. What fun things do you and your children do in the Spring? I would love to hear some ideas that we may be able to use in our home.  


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