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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Let's Bake A Cake.... Training in Character!!!

     When I was a young mom, I didn't realize all the moments I missed training my little ones. I had no idea what "Character Training" was. I was too busy growing up myself to realize my children needed me to guide them and train them. Now that I am an older woman/mom I look for opportunities throughout our day where I can help teach my children godly character traits. Have you ever thought about how many good character qualities you can instill when baking a cake?

     The first trait you can teach while baking is ATTENTIVENESS.  In order for a child to make a cake, he/she must listen to the instructions given to them or they must be able to read and concentrate on the directions.  You can not successfully bake a yummy cake without paying careful attention to what is required to make it delicious. Forgetting just one ingredient can spoil it.  As you and your children bake together, you can point out the importance of focusing on the task at hand. 

     You can also teach PATIENCE as you bake together.  Baking takes time and perseverance to get it just right.  You can not rush through the process. You can explain the idea that sometimes we have to wait, but at the end of the waiting, there may be a reward for us.  Give them examples from the Bible.  

    Some other character qualities that can be taught while baking is ORDERLINESS, DILIGENCE, and RESPONSIBILITY.  When you are baking it's essential that you add your ingredients in the right order.  You must be diligent when measuring and responsible enough to follow the baking temperatures and times.  

     It is actually very simple to find little tidbits of time during our daily routines to teach our children godly character qualities.  It just takes a bit of initiative and thought. As moms and dads, it is our responsibility to find ways to help our kids practice these critical qualities so they will grow up and be able to exhibit them in their homes and workplace.  God has given us these precious children and He expects us to follow His Word as we bring them up.  

     How do you go about teaching character qualities in your home?  I would love to hear from you!!!  Have a blessed day!!!!!!


  1. Interestingly.. I was doing the same too and thinking on the same lines. Thankyou for the reassurance through this post

  2. There are all sorts of teaching opportunities as we go through our day. I have to admit that I hadn't thought of character training while baking. Good idea!

  3. Such a good idea and a FUN way to teach character! My middle son is an avid baker and has had to learn to be a bit more careful (since he tends to make a huge mess!). In the beginning I was happy to see him trying something new and I would clean up after him but now I make him clean up his own mess. There are so many ways to sneak in those character lessons aren't there?