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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of No Longer Little

     As a parent, I am always looking for godly advice to help me be the best mom I can be.  I was so excited to receive and review  No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope by Great Waters Press.  In this book Hal and Melanie Young help guide you through the pre-teen years of parenting. It doesn't have to be a huge struggle if you are willing to work through issues that arise.  

     This paperback book is about 200 pages long and is easy to read and understand.  After the introduction, you read through 12 chapters of wonderful information and advice.  The chapters include: 
  • Getting Bigger: Hormones and Body Changes
  • The Rollercoaster: Emotional Upheaval
  • Brains Turn to Mush: Why School Goes Awry
  • Many a Conflict, Many a Doubt: Spiritual Questioning
  • The Awakening: Sexuality and Virtue
  • Social Struggles: Overcoming Awkwardness
  • Media, Gaming, and Discernment: More Than Amusement
  • Conflict At Home: Family Relationships
  • Transitioning: Youth in the Bible
  • Celebrating Growth: Coming of Age Ceremonies
  • Producers, Not Consumers: Work and Stewardship
  • The Next Big Thing: High School and Beyond
     The book ends with a reference section, scripture references, and an index.  

     Each chapter brings clarity to what is happening in your tween's world and body.  They are going through so many changes and usually at a fairly rapid pace.  They get overwhelmed and that makes for some difficulties in their thoughts, actions and attitudes.  This book will help you see how to deal with situations that arise and gives you godly advice on how to handle them.  I wish I would have had this book when I was raising our oldest 3 children.  So much insight and wisdom! 

     My favorite chapter was on Celebrating Growth.  I do believe it is important to celebrate our children's growing up.  They need to be reminded that each stage is a special time in their lives.  We must make each season a joyous one as they grow and mature into the men and women God wants them to be.  

     I encourage you to get this book and to read it slowly and carefully.  Pray about each chapter before you read it.  Allow God to speak to you through this wonderful couple that are trying to impart knowledge by sharing their lives with you and how they were able to get through the pre-teen years.  When someone is willing to open their lives to help other's learn, I am thrilled to listen.  

     If you would like to learn more about this book and others like  Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality by Great Waters Press, I would suggest visiting their website and social media pages listed below: 

     We have some more reviews for both of these titles over here

Love, Honor, and Virtue  AND No Longer Little {Great Waters Press Reviews}
Have a blessed day!!!

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