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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew: Our Review of Time Traveler American

Over the past month or so we have had the privilege of reviewing one of the Time Traveler American  sets titled Industrial Revolution through Great Depression by Home School in the Woods.  Home School in the Woods is a hands-on company with multiple product lines.  Our family has used their materials before and we were excited to try this set.  We were given the downloaded version and it was simple to download and use.  We absolutely love the way this company uses hands-on projects to reinforce the learning process.  The only con is all the printing that you need to do, but it is so worth your time, effort and ink.😊

     We enjoy arts, crafts, and hands-on projects so this curriculum is a good fit for our family. My 5th-grade daughter absolutely loves to learn through doing special activities so she is thrilled when she gets to learn her least favorite subject by doing fun little projects. I enjoy seeing her face light up when we get to use our art supplies. She retains so much more than if we just sit down and read about a certain period in History.  

     Since we are on our "summer break"  we decided that we would use this curriculum once a week during our review time.  There are 25 lessons in all and we got through 6 of them.  I like the flexibility of these studies.  They allow you to go at your own pace.  We would normally do 2 to 3 lessons a week so we could finish in a shorter time, but we are trying to have a more relaxed atmosphere right now so we can get ready for our upcoming new school year.  

     The 25 lessons include:
  1. Railroads, Gold, Snow, & Fire
  2. Wars in the West
  3. A Gilded Age
  4. Innovations and Inventors
  5. Project Day-1
  6. Immigration in America
  7. Work Conditions Worsen
  8. The Arts
  9. America Continues to Grow
  10. Project Day-2
  11. People of Interest
  12. War on the Islands
  13. The Progressive Era
  14. Other Happenings -Part 1
  15. Project Day-3
  16. Other Happenings -Part 2
  17. World War 1 -Part 1
  18. World War 1 -Part 2
  19. The Roaring Twenties
  20. Project Day-4
  21. The Stock Market Crash & The Great Depression -Part 1
  22. The Stock Market Crash & The Great Depression -Part 2
  23. Project Day-5
  24. Pulling Together the Lap Book
  25. A "Depression-Era Dinner"

     With each lesson, you have text pages and project pages.  The text pages are for reading aloud with your student/students, and the project pages are the hands-on activities that go along with the subject matter.  They range from creative writing to art projects.  I love all the wonderful subjects that can be incorporated into these lessons. With each section, you will be given the exact masters that need to be printed for that lesson. They have it all planned out for you right there.

Here are a few pictures of projects and a picture of our timeline so far.

     We can not wait to get to lessons 24 and 25 where we see our lap book come together with some of the projects we are doing with the lessons and then we get to have a "Depression-Era Dinner" That is going to be fascinating for our entire family.  

      There are 7 sets in the Time Traveler American History series.  These sets are:

     I encourage you to check out the ones I have already listed above along with their new  À La Carte Projects. As a bonus, anyone can use the code alacarte at checkout to get the Erie Canal project on that page for free.  

     You can also check them out on their social media pages: 

     Along with reviews for the Time Traveler American series, we have other reviews for Home School in the Wood's Activity-Paks, Lap-Paks , and Timeline Trio sets over on the  Homeschool Review Crew website. Please come on over and see what other families have to say about this wonderful company! 

     Have a wonderful day!!!!


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