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Just Being Us
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where Did All This Laundry Come From???

     I don't know about you, but I have no idea where all our laundry comes from.  I get it all caught up only to go upstairs and find our hamper full again.  It's like someone goes around collecting clothes just so the hamper will not be lonely 😁

     Years ago I decided we had to have a routine for keeping up with laundry in our home.  Until about 2 years ago, we had 8 people living in our home and that meant about 2 to 3 loads of laundry a day.  Now we are down to 5 people and we usually have 1 to 2 loads depending on the day.  

      In our hallway, we have our laundry station. This is where we keep our hampers, extra hangers, and basket of extra socks that have managed to lose their buddies. We have three hampers.  One for lights, one for darks and one we use for towels, blankets, and rags. Our washer and dryer are in our basement.  We carry the dirty items from our upstairs hallway to the basement each day then bring them back upstairs to be folded and put away.  It is a great exercise program 😉

     During the week we wash the darks on a daily basis, and the lights once or twice. We wash towels and rags on Mondays and Thursdays, and unless there is an issue, we wash sheets and blankets on the weekends.  This routine has been a blessing and has helped this OCD mama keep her sanity.  When we use to have piles and piles of laundry to catch up on, I would feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  This system keeps the huge piles from taking over our laundry area.  

       I use to complain a lot about doing laundry and other chores until one day the Lord put things into perspective for me.  He showed me that instead of thinking of chores as a burden, I should see them as a blessing.  We should be happy we have dishes to wash because that means we have food to eat.  We should be glad to clean our home because that means we have a roof over our head keeping us safe and comfortable.  We should be thrilled to do laundry because that means we have clothes to wear.  These are all blessings that we tend do take for granted.  He also reminded me that I everything I do should be done for Him and His glory.  

This is hanging in my bedroom to remind me to do all things for the Lord and not man!!!

     Do you have a routine for keeping up with your laundry?  I would love to hear from you!!!  


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