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Just Being Us
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Monday, February 13, 2017

I Am Determined!

     When we began the new year, most of us made goals for our lives.  There are many areas where we would like to see change.  It may be in our marriages, our physical bodies, our emotional health, or even our spiritual life.  In order to meet these goals we have set out to reach, we must have the character quality of determination. 

     Determination is defined by a fixed purpose or intention.  We have set our hearts and minds towards accomplishing our goals. When we have our minds set on a task, we have to see it through. 

     The word for determination that we see used often in the Bible is purposed.  This word as a verb means to resolve to do something or to meet ones goals or target.  God wants us to make plans that are in accordance with His will and He wants us to work hard to accomplish these plans.  He also says He will give us strength so we can finish the race He has set before us.  

     In order to develop the character quality of determination, we must understand that it will take hard work.  We have to be intentional in exerting as much energy as we need to accomplish our goals and plans.  When we do fail, we can not give up.  We must press on!  Get right back on track and go forward.  

    In our lifetime, we have to make many choices.  We have to be determined to make the right choice. It may mean going against the world's view of things, but we must purpose to choose what will please God not man.   We must not get distracted with the treasures of this world.  We must look towards the eternal prize that is waiting for us in heaven. We have to realize that determining to follow Christ may cost us, but it will be worth it in the end!

     So, how do we keep our hearts and minds on our goals? 
  1.  We must pray and ask God to help us. 
  2.  We must seek God with our whole hearts. 
  3.  We have to allow Him to work in our lives.
  4.  We can't allow the world's views to hinder our purpose. Don't be double minded.
  5.  We must set out to please God not man.
  6.  We have to acknowledge that it takes hard work to meet our goals. 
  7.  Write out your goals and keep them some place you can see them everyday.
     Our children will follow in our footsteps.  If they see us making and meeting goals for our lives, they will want to do the same.  We have to show them our determination.  They must not see us giving up when things get hard.  When we do fail, it's important to allow them to see us try again.  It's not the failure they will remember, it is the fact that mom or dad didn't quit. 



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