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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Le'ts Dig Deeper into Titus

     The book of Titus is a small but very important book for believers to study.  I have read through it  a few times and each time I see new things that God is trying to teach me.  A while back I made a little study guide for me and a few women to use to help us study this book and today I want to share it with you. What I love about the S.O.A.P. method for studying the Bible is that all ages can be involved, so you can study this book with your children. 

     In these three chapters, we see the qualifications for choosing leaders in our churches.  We need to be very careful about who we put in places of leadership and these requirements mentioned here, will help us choose wisely.  We are also warned to stay away from those who are trying to deceive others and to turn towards those who are teaching sound doctrine.  

     My favorite verse is Titus 2:11, For the grace of God has been revealed, bringing salvation to all people.  Here we see that God's grace will bring salvation to all those who believe in Him.  As the chapter goes on, we see that God will change us as we obey Him and turn from sin.   It is such a powerful book of the Bible and one we should read often to remind ourselves of how we should live godly lives even when others are not.  

      Towards the end of chapter three, we are told that God's salvation through our faith in Him will bring us eternal life.  How awesome is that!!!   We serve such a great God who loves us and wants us to be with Him.  I want to serve Him because He loves me and my obedience to Him shows Him my love.  

     I encourage you to take your time to read through each verse and allow God to change your life as you do.  He wants to instruct us through the teachings in His Word, we just need to take time to read it everyday.  It is life changing!!!!

     Below is the link to the study guide.  I pray it is a blessing to you.


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  1. I just finished going through the book of Titus! Loved every God-inspired word in it. I had never heard of the SOAP method until I did a Bible study with some other homeschool moms. It's a great method to follow when studying any book of the Bible. Thanks for sharing your guide.