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Just Being Us
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Monday, January 30, 2017

10 Ways to Show Your Family Love

      With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I want to write a few posts that focus on love.  Today I want to focus on how we can love our families.  As a mom, I know how much I love my husband and children, but do I set out to show them how much they are loved and cared for? 

      Let's talk about 10 ways to show our love to them.
  1.  Get up a little earlier than usual and make a special breakfast for your family. They will enjoy the sweet surprise.
  2.  Take time to sit down and talk with them.  Listen with intent to learn more about them.  Ask them fun little questions so you can get to know them better.  Everyone loves to be heard. 
  3.  Smile at your husband and children!  This let's them know that  seeing them makes you so happy. 
  4.  Make a point to ask each family member what their favorite  meal or dessert is and try to cook it for them at least once a  month.  
  5.  Set aside one night a week to just have some fun as a family.  No interruptions!  Turn off the old ringer on the phone, shut  off your computer, and make some memories! 
  6.  Put some post it notes in places your husband or children can  find them.  Tell them how much you love them and what is special about them. Encourage them!
  7.  Curl up on the couch and watch a movie together.  One you know they love.  It's a good time to just sit and relax as a family.  Make it special by having some popcorn and their favorite drink available.  
  8.  Be involved in their lives.  Know their hobbies and favorite things to do.  Try to be active in some of these so you can become closer.  Recently, I have taken up playing some video games to get closer to my hubby and boys.  My daughter and I love to work on our Bible journals together.  
  9.  Give lots of hugs and kisses!  What better way to show your family that you adore them.
  10.  Take care of yourself.  If you are not feeling well, you won't be able to care for your family like you want to.  It's important to take time to keep yourself healthy.  
     I hope these little ideas will help you show your family how much you love and appreciate them.  Have a blessed Monday! Remember to enjoy the little things! 


  1. Our family Valentine tradition is to make an elegant dinner to be enjoyed together, set the table for a special occasion, dress in our finest, and share a candlelight dinner together. Our children really look forward to this special event. My husband and I then celebrate the occasion on another date night...for two. :) I think I'll do a post on this. Thanks for the inspiration!