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Just Being Us
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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Most Important Subject

     Several years ago, my husband and I were convicted of not spending enough time in God's Word as a family.  It wasn't a vital part of our lives.  We would have a Bible class during school, but it wasn't a priority.  It was just another subject we studied as a part of our curriculum.  

  Our Bibles are our instruction manuals in how to live a godly life while we are here on earth.  God speaks to us as we read and study His Word.  If we do not spend time searching the scripture, we will not be able to follow the plan that God has laid out for us.  In every verse we read, we learn how to act and react to the world around us.  It gives us direction and correction when we need it. 

   Each day we still have our Bible class during school and we have our family devotions each evening, but it's different now.  We don't see these times as a chore.  We see them as a time of growing in Christ.  We think of these moments as our lifelines.  The Word is our spiritual food.  Without it we would starve spiritually. 

   During our family devotions, we focus on what God has for us. We sing a few worship songs, we pray together and we read a passage of scripture.  After our reading time, my husband likes to ask questions to our children to be sure they were listening and to give them a time to express their thoughts on the scriptures.  They enjoy every minute and we have quality family time!   

   Our Bible class during school is more focused on learning character qualities that we should exhibit as Christians. We take a couple of qualities each week and really study what they mean and how we can live them out in our day to day living.  Our children are far from perfect, but we do see daily growth in their abilities to respond to temptation and in their capacity to react to negative situations in a godly way.  They still fight their sinful nature, but they are winning the battles more each day.  

   The kids are not the only ones reaping the benefits of studying the Bible and godly character traits.  I feel I have grown in many ways as well.  When you dive into God's Word consistently, you will see some major changes occur in your life.  You can't stay the same because once these words of wisdom fall on your ears and into your heart, you are forever transformed.  

   Reading God's Word is our first priority, second is memorizing it.  We want our children to be able to recall verses that will help them to be obedient to the Lord.  We try to memorize a few verses each week.  The kids love having challenges to see who can memorize the verse faster.  Children love a good challenge.  

   I love to make portable scripture walls out of foam boards.  These can be taken from room to room as necessary.  One day we may study on the couch, then the next we are meeting on my bed.  It's handy to have our verse wall to carry along :)

   It doesn't matter how you study the Word or when, all that matters is that you do it!  Make it a priority in your homes and watch how God brings peace and harmony to your household.  


  1. Love your idea of the portable foam board with the verses. It's great that it allows you to study the Word anywhere!

    God bless,

  2. It can be tough to keep "Bible time" from becoming just like the other subjects: one more thing to check off the list, but it looks like you're navigating it well!

  3. Ooo this is so convicting! It was so much easier when all of ours were little. But with adult children still at home, teens, tweens, and younger, life gets crazy busy. I'm doing a Basic Bible Truths study with the school-age children and a ladies' Bible study with the older girls, but finding time to focus on the Bible together as a FAMILY gets increasingly harder. This is a great reminder that we need to make this a priority. Thanks for sharing! -Cheryl @The Long Way to Go