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Just Being Us
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday's Training Time: Family Prayer

     Do you have a time in your home when you do family devotions and pray together?  When my first 3 were little we didn't find this important, but thankfully God changed our hearts and we sit down for family devotions at least 5 times a week now.  Coming together to read God's Word and pray as a family makes us feel closer.  We enjoy singing a few worship songs after prayer and by the end of devotions, we are ready for a peaceful night of restful sleep. 

     It is vital to the atmosphere of our homes that we pray as a family.   We need to pray for protection, guidance, and courage.  Satan does not want families to flourish.  He does not want us gathering to pray.  There is strength in the family unit, and he wants nothing more than to destroy it anyway he can.  Let's battle together!  I am reminded of the verse:

  For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
~ Matthew 18:20 ~

   The family unit needs to have unity.  As you are training your children, they need to understand how important it is to love one another, especially their siblings.  I know everyone says it is normal for siblings to fight all the time, but it really isn't.  I am not saying there won't be disagreements here and there, but they need to resolve them in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.  The only way for them to learn this behavior is to be taught by us, their parents.  If they see us squabbling all the time, they will think that behavior is okay and they will follow our patterns.  When we disagree, we need to stop and pray and ask God to help us to be quick to listen, slow to anger and quick to forgive!  We don't need to fight like cats and dogs and demand our way.  

     I know I have said this before, but when you see your children modeling a behavior that is not right, we need to take a long hard look in the mirror and be sure we are not exampling this behavior for them to learn.  Our children are like little sponges.  They absorb everything they see and hear.  Be sure you are sending out the right morals and attitudes for them to soak up. 

     A few weeks ago I posted some great FREE PRINTABLES for prayer.  Please feel free to save them and print them for your family's use.   

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  1. So important! We definitely need to model positive behavior for our kiddos. Actions are MUCH louder than words. Thanks for the printables as well - very helpful!

    1. Thank you! I pray the printables are a blessing to you and your family.