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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Getting Real about Time-outs for Mama

     Okay so let's be honest.... Mommies need time-outs too!  We need breaks so we can get our thoughts together.  We need quiet time to recuperate from the hustle and bustle of the mommy world. If we do not get this time, we feel burned out and unable to be the mothers we know we should be.  

   I want to give you three warning signs that you are headed for disaster if you don't take some time-outs.  These are from personal experience and I pray you learn from my mistakes.

  1.   If you are feeling sick, worn down, or excessively tired almost to the brink of a collapse, you need to ask someone for help.  You need to talk to your husband and let him know that you are not feeling well. If you allow yourself to get too depleted you will be no good to anyone.  If you are drained, you could be doing physical harm to your body and that is never good. It's important for us to rest.
  2.    If you are feeling frustrated or irritable, it's time for you to take a few minutes to cool down. It doesn't have to be a long time-out, just long enough for you to feel in control of your emotions again.  
  3.    If you are feeling overly critical of everyone in your home, you need to step back and regroup.  

     Now let's talk about some ways you can get that mommy time-out.

  1.    Take time to lay down and recuperate if you are feeling ill or drained physically. Allow your husband to take over things in the house or hire a babysitter so you can get the rest you need to heal.  Many of us have friends we can call upon, but we feel that would make us look like bad moms, but honestly that is just a pride issue.  We all get sick and we all need time to heal when we do.  
  2.    When you are feeling drained emotionally or spiritually, you need to find time to be quiet and alone with the Lord.  You can get up before the kids, or stay up a little later in the evenings, but please do not neglect your time with God.  You will find that praying and reading your Bible will strengthen you and help you be the mom you want to be.  
  3.    During the daytime hours when you can't get away, and are in the middle of a melt down, just simply sit down somewhere and gather yourself.  Remind yourself that this too shall pass. Your children will grow and things will not always be as crazy and hectic.  Also remember that what you say today will have a long term significance in the lives of your children tomorrow. Don't allow a critical spirit to make scars that may not be seen, but leave permanent marks.  

   Let me be real here.  As a young mom, I failed at every suggestion I just gave you.  I didn't want help, I didn't think I needed help and I thought I could handle it all.  I didn't take time to rejuvenate, and it left me feeling empty. In turn, I was an overly critical mom with a bad attitude.  My kids didn't have a mom that parented with grace, they had one who parented with an iron fist. When I finally figured out that I needed moments of rest, relaxation and recuperation, my older three were already blemished. When God revealed to me that I need to ask their forgiveness, I did that, but that did not erase the "scars".   Physically they were fine, but emotionally they were tarnished.  

    I pray that anyone reading this will glean from my past and stop trying to be "Super Mom" and instead become a super mom.  Give yourself grace and allow those times of rest to replenish you so you can be mom your kids deserve.  


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